Handy Bible(隨手讀中文聖經)
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  •  Handy Bible lets you have bible handy as you go - not only provides an easy and fast way to read bible but also have many useful features to help bible study.


  • "隨手讀中文聖經"讓你隨時隨地研讀聖經,它不僅提供了簡單而快速的方法來閱讀聖經,也提供了許多方便而有用的功能,成為你研讀聖經的好幫手。

  • Universal app (if you buy the app, you can install it for both the iPhone and the iPad); it also supports both the portrait and the landscape mode; no internet connection needed
  • One of the fastest bible search engines, as it uses a powerful SQL database engine that allows you to lookup or load any bible verse almost instantly; also features an “instant search” setting that automatically starts searching even as you type
  • Ability to add/edit personal notes for every single verse (will show a NOTE icon next to that verse). This personal NOTE window is depicted as a floating, half-transparent, and movable window; this allows you to keep the window open as you read the Bible
  • Includes ASV, BBE, DARBY, NHEB, KJV, WEB, YLT free domain bible text. You can also use In-App Purchase to purchase licensing contents like ESV, NET, Message bible
  • Unlike other apps, need to go through several steps, with one single touch you can easily switch to the different Bible versions on the top navigation bar.
  • Uses a rolling wheel-Picker to quickly and easily pick or lookup various books, chapters, or verses; it can also let you type the first letter of a book, which then helps you instantly select that particular book
  • Powerful and rich Search features: search any text inside scripture or text inside your personal note, Can filter OT, NT or with range of books. Can also use "AND" or "OR" to narrow down the search. Again, with SQL db query, search the whole bible within seconds. Search Result will be presented with all scriptures found ordered by Book with Book Index for each access.
  • Unlike other apps, can only show search result page by page, Search Result will be presented with all scriptures found in order by a Book with Book Index for easy access and the frequency of that serach strings within each Book.
  • Easy to navigate to next or previous verse/chapter/book via a group of cursor buttons on the lower-right corner
  • The text of each bible verse and personal note can be copied or emailed
  • Will automatically store any verse you search or lookup as History. Also can add personal Bookmark. Both Bookmark and History can be referred back to that verse instantly
  • Features customizable settings that allows you to change the primary Bible text, the Bible text font type/color/size, and the background image (can choose from built-in patterns or you can choose to add an image from your own iPhone Photo Albums library)
  • Can purchase"Pro version" separately-"Handy Bible Pro" will include features like the Dictionary/Strong Number concordance search, KJV with Strong Number, Bible text parallel comparison, and Bible Commentary(MHCC, CLARKE, JFB) lookup.
  • The Chinese version is also available for purchase
  • Latest features info update from App Store


  • 支援繁,簡中文使用者介面; Universal app(可同時安裝在iPhone以及iPad); 直向以及橫向顯示;所有資料庫已附上,不需要internet連接.
  • 市面上最快速的聖經查詢軟件之一(比較幾款最暢銷的中英文聖經iPhone軟件), 是少數手機聖經軟體中, 使用效率, 功能強大的SQL數據庫引擎.瞬間即可查閱或搜尋到任何經節.,
  • 新增/編輯個人筆記;若該節經文有個人筆記, 個人筆記圖標會顯示在該節經文旁邊, 方便進入閱讀或編輯.另外這種個人筆記Window是浮動的, 半透明和可移動的, 這樣可以同時閱讀聖經經文和個人筆記.,
  • 除了<和合本>,<中文英皇欽定本>(包含繁,簡中文)外,也包含英文的ASV, BBE, DARBY, KJV, NHEB, WEB, YLT聖經文本.另外可透過 In-App Purchase 選購<新譯本>(香港環球聖經公會授權), 中文NET聖經,以及英文ESV, NET, Message授權聖經.
  • 不像其他軟件需另外設定或多幾道步驟,可透過Navigation Bar上的切換聖經圖標,輕輕一按即可輕鬆地切換到不同的聖經文本.
  • 利用滾輪方便地選擇所要查閱的書卷以及章節.並可鍵入該書卷的中文或英文簡寫的第一或二字,即可跳選該書卷.
  • 強 大而豐富的搜索功能:搜索經文或你的個人筆記中的任何字串.可設定舊約, 新約, 整本聖經, 或限定那些經卷, 也可以使用“和“或“OR”來縮小搜索範圍。效率, 功能強大的SQL數據庫查詢, 能在幾秒鐘內搜尋到你要找的經文.搜索結果將顯示所有的經文以及該字串出現的頻率.,
  • 搜索結果將顯示所有包含該字串的經文以及該字串出現在各書卷的頻率.目前市面上大部分的聖經軟件,只能一頁一頁的查詢,無法一次及一目瞭然地顯示所有的查詢結果.
  • 提供方便的聖經章節書卷跳選功能,利用右下方的游標功能鍵,可輕易的跳選上或下一章節書卷.
  • 每節經文以及個人筆記可以複製或email出去
  • “即時搜索“設置,如果設定,當你輸入任何字串時,它同時的即時搜索經文.
  • 自動儲存任何搜索或查找過的經文歷史.也可以加入個人書籤.從"我的記錄"-個人筆記,書籤和歷史都可以立即跳到該節經文.
  • 豐富的個人設置,可以設置聖經文本,聖經文字顯示的字型/顏色/大小,背景圖片(可選擇內置或從相冊中添加自己的相片)
  • 可另外選購"專業版"-功能包括Dictionary搜尋/Strong Number原文搜尋, 和合本/KJV with Strong Number, 經文文本對照比較, 以及MHCC等 注釋.
  • 最新更新訊息,請參閱App Store

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