1.0: Released to App Store

1.1 :
*  Two Bibles view - Primary/Secondary bibles shown on the same window, with one single touch to switch to different translation
* Add additioal floating bible window and can be switched to different translation
* Can Copy/Email the whole chapter in addition to Copy/Email Verse
* Add BBE, NET(New English Translation) bible text

* 同一視窗可選擇顯示兩本聖經文本,輕輕一按切換聖經圖標,即可輕鬆地切換到不同的聖經文本
* 除了可透過Navigation Bar上的切換聖經圖標,輕輕一按即可輕鬆地切換到不同的主要聖經文本,另外增加一浮動聖經視窗,可以總是有不同聖經文本經文可閱讀及比較.
* 除了可複製/Email該節經文,另增加-複製/Email整章經文
* 加入 BBE, NET 聖經文本

2.0 :
New Features:
* Highlights: can add color-highlight to the verse of scripture
* Bible Tag: In addition to making a note/bookmark/highlight based on one single bible verse, now can create Tag to include multiple bible verses. For example, can have a Tag named "Forgive" to include all bible verses with reference to "Forgive". With that, you can collect all related bible verses into Tags which you can name and put extra note inside.
* Add Portrait mode from Settings for two bibles view
* Improve Full Screen bible reading: full screen for bible reading
* Pinch Zoom-in and Zoom-out: all floating windows can be zoomed-in and out with two fingers-pinching

* Double-tap bible verse will bring up float bible window, then you can long-press to highlight text to search bible. A convenient feature to save typing and search directly.
* "My List: all personal "Note", "Bookmark", "History", "Highlight", and "Tag" are organized into one window with multiples menu tags on top. Click each menu tag to bring it to the front. Also add seacrh capability to "Note" and "Tag".
* Settings-Theme Color: can change color of title bar and tab bar(only ios 5).
* Settings-Gap between Verses: can change the gap/space between verses to prevent from truncation of long bible text
* UI improvements and some bug fixes.

* "加亮": 可以自選顏色對聖經經節加亮(Highlight) 
* 聖經註記: 除了可針對某一特定經節增添個人筆記/書籤/加亮之外, 另增添"註記"功能."註記"可以讓你記錄多個相關經節.例如, 你可以建立一個名為"寬恕"的"註記",來紀錄所有有關"寬恕"的經文. 有了"註記", 就可以以類似"專題"的方式來存取跟此"註記"內容相關的經文. 
* 在設定中,增加可選定顯示第二個聖經的"Portrait mode" 
* 全文閱讀: 修改增進經文全文閱讀模式 
* 掐指放大縮小: 所有浮動視窗可以藉由兩指掐指來放大或縮小 

* 雙擊經文可開啟浮動聖經視窗,長按經文內容可選取字詞,字詞選取之後,馬上跳出搜尋經文的功能選項.是個節省輸入字詞即刻搜尋的便利功能. 
* "我的紀錄": 改進"我的紀錄"介面,利用頂端的Menu Tag來選取"筆記/書籤/加亮/歷史/註記"視窗.另外"筆記/註記"也有搜尋功能. 
* 設定-Theme Color: 可依個人喜好,改變title bar以及tab bar的顏色(只有ios5可改變tab bar顏色). 
* 設定-Gap between Verses: 增加或減少各節經文之間的行距.有時藉增加經文行距以避免過長經文遭截斷的問題. 
* 介面美化及一些功能除錯