很好的圣经软件 - ★★★★★

by 大卫在线 (China) - Version 2.2 - Apr 10, 2012


I like the parallel Bible translations - ★★★★★

by BoazTTT (Hong Kong) - Version 2.2 - Apr 6, 2012

I've got both chinese versions of the HandyBible (std&pro). The pro version has various resources to help in studying Bible, though this part I like OliveTree's Bible Reader. While I like the Pro version's newly implemented parallel Bible tool which I can display all the purchased translations(I've got 13) on the same screen, it feel like the Bibleworks in pc. Logos on the Go also got parallel display but limited to 5 at the most. The standard version is also a lovely tool, I'm going to write my review there.

A must-have - ★★★★★

by Tony Yu (United States) - Version 2.2 - Apr 5, 2012

This is the best Chinese bible app I have bought!

Great for exploring Strong's - ★★★★★

by DGBach - Version 1.1 - 29 August 2011

I like the Strong’s numbering support and the translations comparison tool. I had intended to use Olive Tree’s Bible Reader for this purpose but the way this app handles Strong’s numbers makes it easier to explore the verses containing the word corresponding to that number. On the main screen each verse starts on a new line. In a smaller font above the verse is the book and verse number possibly followed by some icons. The icons indicate whether a personal note, commentaries for the chapter, verse, or both are available. When activated, the note or commentary floats in a transparent window and optionally syncs with the selected verse. From the selected verse it takes 2 clicks to get the same verse with Strong’s numbers. Clicking on a number brings up the Strong’s definition. Next, I think, is the best feature of this app. Below the Strong’s definition there is a list of hyperlinks for all of the occurrences in the KJV. The verse links are listed under each KJV word corresponding to the Strong’s number. Pressing a verse link instantly presents the verse in a movable popup. Pressing a different one instantly changes the verse in the popup. The speed of the verses appearing in the popup makes me want to click each one. Within the popup the translation can be changed and there is a link back to the main screen where the verses are listed. Exploring the verses associated with Strong’s numbers is great, a 5* feature. The author responded in less than 1 day to my questions and I’m looking forward to the functionality being added in 1.3. There are a few rough edges, help could be better (it’s useful to press the i button on the bottom right), it took me a while to figure out how to add a note (you need to press and hold the verse in the primary translation for 2 seconds and a dialog will come up to add a bookmark, note, email verse, chapter, etc. It also has a navigation ‘reticule’ at the bottom right. Five *'s for it's unique features, value, and where I see this app going.

真的太好用了!! - ★★★★★

by sophie888 - Version 2.0 - Oct 25, 2011

最近新加的功能真的太好用了!給作者獻上掌聲!讀經時不但能即時查strong's number, 且即刻切換, 筆記、註記功能也好好用!更愛"讀經計劃"這一項, 功能簡直想用美妙形容(^o^)!在滿坑滿谷的英文聖經和大多陽春功能的中文聖經中, 給這個軟體五星實在不夠哦!(^_-)-☆

You won't be sorry - ★★★★★

by iron bridge - Version 2.0 - Oct 21, 2011

Thanks for update Now with reading plans and other improvements No other Bible app allows you to do so much on one page Have several Bible apps and this is a welcome addition. The transparent floating window is a great feature and customizable. ....Thank you for a unique app.